Our Mission Statement

Our mission at Sushi Nama is to deliver fresh, simple and innovative sushi to Colorado using only the best ingredients with all hand cut and prepared dishes.  We deliver outstanding customer service to our guests within an exquisite dining environment.



Chef's Bio


Chef JC is continuously perfecting traditional and fusion Japanese cuisine. His first job was at Tazu Sushi (a traditional Japanese kitchen) in Cherry Creek, where he committed to 4 intense months of strict observation and guidance in rice section training. After completing rice section training, he took on 4 additional months of labor-intensive oyster sections to refine his knife and shucking skills. Tazu Sushi reinforced that making great sushi starts with the art of preparing rice, which takes time to perfect. JC’s work ethic, skill, and intense passion to learn the art of Japanese cuisine were outstandingly demonstrated to the Japanese chefs.


JC’s dream is to learn more everyday, and Sushi Nama provides the perfect fit for everyone to experience simple, fresh and innovative sushi and more. JC’s career has spanned the state from Durango, CO to Fort Collins and everywhere in-between. His experience with different chefs across the state has made a significant impact in his pursuit for perfection. JC is a proud Native Mexican, who came to the United States with one goal in mind, to offer the most authentic top quality Fusion Japanese cuisine in any establishment he works. In 2019 he moved to Winter Park, CO with a goal to provide Grand County with the finest traditional and fusion Japanese cuisine.

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